geminiGemini Horoscope for today, Saturday Dec 03 2016:
Yourprofessionaljobmaydemand a bit of research time today. Youwill be abletotakeyour time and takeclear notes. Youalsomayexpend a greatdeal of efforttosecurefinancesthroughsomeinvestments. Thismay come aboutthroughassociationsyouhavewithpeople in important positions. Besidesbeingcreative and affectionate, you are sociable and magnetictotheopposite sex. Thisisalso a period of personal growth. Youwanttoreshapetheworld and helpothers. Charityevents are a possibility. Thisfeelingwillextendtoloveinterests. Thereisdeepself-understanding and thisinstillsanelement of practicality in romanticendeavors. Youwillnot be deludedbythe superficial today. Companionshipwithothersismostrewarding.